Beauty At Work

Formica Solid Surfacing is a silky smooth material that retains its beauty in busy homes or high-traffic commercial environments. Because solid surfacing is non-porous, stains can’t penetrate and the wipe-clean surface strongly resists mold and bacteria.

More Than Inspired
Now, Formica Corporation’s pursuit of innovation brings more “depth of design” to Solid Surfacing. Our acrylic/polyester resin system gives colors and patterns new clarity and depth; a vibrant, unclouded beauty that other solid surfacing materials cannot achieve. At the same time, Formica® Solid Surfacing remains easy to fabricate and maintain. More than inspiration—it’s a solution. Stylish. Hardworking. Innovative. Everything you want in surfacing.

More Than Innovation
Formica's new Solid Surfacing products coordinate with natural or manufactured products—wood, metal, stone, tile and textiles—and to the entire line of Formica brand surfacing products. Now, more than ever, Formica Corporation remains the
industry leader in surfacing design and innovation.

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