Formica Solid Surfacing 10-Year Limited Warranty

Formica Corporation warrants to the original end-use purchaser that Formica Corporation will, at its option, repair or replace without charge, or refund the cost
of Formica Solid Surfacing, if the product fails solely due to a manufacturing defect within ten (10) years of the date of initial installation, subject to the exclusions set forth below. Repair or replacement during this 10-year period shall include reasonable labor charges needed to repair or replace the defective product, but shall not include the costs associated with removal, repair or replacement of fixtures, hardware or decorative treatments (such as floor, wall or ceiling treatments). During the entire 10-year warranty period, Formica Corporationís obligation as to repair or replacement shall further be limited to replacement or repair with colors and styles of products that are available at the time of replacement or repair. You may obtain coverage under this warranty by providing to Formica Corporation proof from the installer of the date of
initial installation when you seek service. For service under this warranty, you must notify the dealer from whom you purchased the product or Formica Corporation in
writing at the address on back of this brochure, providing your name and address, a description of the product involved and the nature of the defect. This warranty is
transferable within the 10-year period only when the new owner submits to Formica Corporation (see address on back of this brochure) proof of the original date of
installation. Transfer of the warranty entitles the new owner to coverage for the remainder of the 10-year warranty period. Formica Solid Surfacing products must
be stored, handled, installed, used and maintained in accordance with instructions provided by Formica Corporation. Copies of the Fabrication Guide and the Use & Care Guide for Formica Solid Surfacing are available from your dealer or from Formica Corporation at the address listed on back of this brochure. You may also obtain these items by contacting Formica Corporation at 1-800-FORMICA or via Formica Corporationís website at

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